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Introduction and application of polyhexanediamine (PA46)

Although the molecular structure of Stanyl PA46 is similar to that of PA66, the chain structure of Stanyl PA46 is more symmetrical with more amide groups per given length.And highly symmetrical chain structure cause its high crystallinity (about 70%), and the crystallization speed, a higher melting point (295 ℃), heat distortion temperature is high, and the long-term use of temperature (5000 hours) CUT up to 163 ℃.These features enable Stanyl PA46 to have technical advantages over other engineering plastics such as PA6, PA66, PPA and polyester in thermal and high-temperature mechanical strength, wear resistance, and other aspects, and the forming cycle is shorter and the processing is more economical. Applications: electrical and electronic applications: SMD components, connectors, circuit breakers, winding components, electric motor components and electrical components;Gears, bearings and bearing housings; Automotive applications: sensors and connectors such as motor control systems, air intake equipment, cable fasteners, alternators and starter components;And the pump housing of the exhaust control and auxiliary air supply system