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◎ With the rapid development of science and technology, the world is also facing the dilemma of resource shortage and large-scale destruction of human living environment.Through plastic modification technology, we can replace steel with plastic and wood with plastic, and reduce resource acquisition and waste.

◎ Polynat new material is customer-focused, quality-focused, and research-focused, providing high-quality plastic raw materials for electronic, electrical, automotive, sports equipment and other application fields.

◎ Polynat new material focuses on the modification of high-performance engineering plastics, such as PA10T, PPA, PA46 and other special high-temperature nylon, PA66, PA6 and other high-performance nylon, PBT, PP, PC/PBT, PC/ABS alloy and other modified materials.Perfect replacement of some products like SABIC, DUPONT, EMS, BASF, etc.

◎ Polynat new material is committed to building a one-stop service platform for injection molding industry, providing customers with one-stop system solutions of materials, molds, injection molding, etc.Special low voltage circuit breaker industry customers from new product development to mass production system solutions.

◎ Let the products into the high-end market, and try to get top market, is Polynat constant pursuit of new materials, in the face of China's 400 billion high-end market share, spectrum nai figure Polynat new material has a long way, still in the unremitting efforts, in the next three years, Polynat will be modified to produce ten thousand tons of high-end products as the goal, to high precision cutting-edge products in the China plastics industry and climb.

◎ Exploration, progress, innovation is our Polynat new material eternal topic!