In the field of smart home, infrared transmission technology has been widely used in smart home control system due to its mature technology, good stability, strong privacy and relatively low cost.

Through infrared plastic PC material is contained in the molecular chain carbonic acid ester based polymer, black, heat resistance, impact resistance, high light transmittance, good optical property, lead sulfide is added in the polycarbonate material such as infrared transmission materials after modified into through infrared plastic PC material, can pass through the material of infrared radiation, infrared instruments used in the manufacture of components, such as the window of the infrared detectors, infrared optical system of the instrument of the lens and prism and so on.

Infrared penetration of polycarbonate material characteristics

1. Strong penetration;

2. Can pass through the infrared radiation of the required band;

3. As high as possible transmission ratio;

4. High mechanical strength;

5. Good chemical stability.

Infrared seaplane has developed a plastic material that can penetrate infrared light, which is especially suitable for making the window of infrared sensor through injection molding or extrusion molding.This material has the characteristics of high nir penetration efficiency (700nm-1600nm transmission rate is greater than 92%), high visible light shielding efficiency (250-700nm transmission rate is less than 0.5%), and more importantly, the starting transmission wavelength of this material is greater than 700nm, much higher than other similar products.As the signal transmission frequency of current infrared sensor is usually around 1100nm, the infrared seir transparent infrared plastic PC material can shield the interference of wave band radiation near 1100nm more effectively.

In addition, this material also has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, good processing performance, high temperature resistance and environmental protection and flame retardant.Tests show that the material under the high temperature of 110 ℃ continuous work 1000 hours, mechanical properties reduced within 10%, almost no color change.Infrared see-through infrared plastic PC material can be widely used in the fields of smart home, automobile manufacturing, electronics and electrical, etc. to make infrared camera, sensor, filter chip and other components.