Benefiting from the influence of power industry, new energy industry and energy structure optimization, China's industrial electrical industry has maintained stable growth and gradually become the world's largest and most advanced electric application market.Although there are still problems such as weak foundation, lack of independent intellectual property rights and unreasonable use of raw materials, China's industrial electrical industry has a promising prospect with the improvement of technology level of local electrical enterprises.

Not only the size of the market growing, after more than 50 years of development, industrial electrical industry in China has formed a relatively perfect system, product varieties, production, technical performance and quality of basic can meet the development needs of the national economy, and is intelligent, miniaturization, modularization and communication for the transitional characteristics of a new generation of product development.

Looking forward to industry research institute thinks, in this stage, industrial electric enterprise is faced with better opportunity on the one hand, huge market is at present;On the other hand, due to the impact of industrial structure upgrading, new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction policies, a large number of enterprises will face the pain of transformation.As for the overall situation of the industry, China's electrical industry will still maintain steady development, and it is expected that the scale of China's electrical equipment industry will surpass 12 trillion yuan by 2021.