Machinery and equipment

Compared with metal, stone and wood, plastic has the advantages of low cost and strong plasticity. It is widely used in the national economy. The plastics industry occupies an extremely important position in today's world.China's plastic production has always been at the forefront of the world, among which the production of a variety of plastic products has been at the top of the world, China has become a major producer of plastic products in the world.From 2001 to 2010, the annual growth rate of plastic products in China remained above 15%, and the total output of plastic products in China reached 58.3 million tons in 2010.

Although China already ranks second in the world in total plastic consumption, per capita plastic consumption lags far behind that of developed countries.According to the data, the per capita plastic consumption in China was only 29.5 kg in 2005. In the same year, the per capita plastic consumption in the United States, Belgium and Germany reached 171 kg, 169 kg and 155 kg respectively, which was 5.79 times, 5.73 times and 5.25 times of the per capita plastic consumption in China.

As another measure of the development level of a country's plastics industry, the ratio of plastic to steel, China is only 30:70, less than the world average 50:50, and further behind developed countries such as the United States 70:30 and Germany 63:37.These gaps, from another aspect, show that China plastic products and plastic machinery industry has greater development space.

China's plastic machinery market is attracting more and more attention from foreign enterprises. Many large international enterprises, on the one hand, increase the depth and breadth of cooperation with China's plastic machinery enterprises.