Plastics have been widely used in agriculture, industry, architecture, packaging, defense advanced industry and daily life

Agriculture: a large amount of plastic is used to make mulch, seedling film, greenhouse film, drainage and irrigation pipes, fishing nets and breeding buoys

Industry: plastics are widely used in the electrical and electronic industries to make insulation and packaging materials.Plastics are used to make gears in the machinery industry.Bearing shell and many parts instead of metal;Making containers and other anticorrosive materials from plastics in the chemical industry;In the construction industry for doors and Windows, stair handrails, floor tiles, ceilings, insulation soundproof panels, downpipes, decorative boards and sanitary appliances.

Defense industry: plastics are essential materials in conventional weapons, aircraft, ships, rockets, missiles, satellites, etc. In everyday life.Plastic application is more extensive, such as raincoat, toothbrush, plastic bags, plastic wrap, in the home appliance industry, television, electric fans, and so on are also widely used.In addition, as a new packaging material, plastics have been obtained in the packaging field

A wide range of applications, such as hollow containers, injection containers, corrugated boxes, strapping rope, packing tape, and many other medical instruments, medical supplies have a trace of plastic.