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Introduction and application of polyhexanediamine (PA66)


Polyhexanediamine, also known as polyamide 66 (PA66) or nylon 66, is prepared by polycondensation reaction of adipic acid and hexanediamine.

Nylon 66 is translucent or opaque milk white crystalline polymer, the uv light purple with white or light blue and white, high mechanical strength, good resistance to stress cracking, is the best PA abrasion resistance, excellent self-lubrication, behind ptfe and polyformaldehyde, and heat resistance is better also, self-extinguishing materials, chemistry stability is good, especially good oil resistance, but soluble in phenol, formic acid and other polar solvent, adding carbon black can improve the weatherability;Large water absorption, thus poor dimensional stability, good molding, can be used for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, spraying, casting molding, mechanical processing, welding, adhesion.

Application: widely used in machinery, instruments, automobile parts, electronics and electrical, railway, household appliances, communications, spinning machines, sports and leisure supplies, oil pipes, oil tanks and some precision engineering products.

Electrical and electronic equipment: connector, reel shaft, timer, cover breaker, switch housing