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Introduction and application of polycaprolactam (PA6)


Introduction: polycaprolactam (PA6), also known as polyamide 6, nylon 6.

PA6 milky white or light yellow transparent to opaque cutin crystalline polymer, free coloring, good toughness, wear resistance, self-lubrication and less rigid, good low temperature resistance, resistance to bacteria, can slow burning, from slow extinguish fire, dripping, foaming phenomenon, forming excellent processability, plastic injection molding, blow molding, casting, coating, powder molding, machining, welding, adhesive. 

PA6 is the PA with the highest water absorption rate, poor dimensional stability, and affects electrical performance (breakdown voltage).

PA6 highest temperature can reach 180 ℃, and after the impact modifiers will fall to 160 ℃, 15% 50% glass fiber reinforced, can increase to 199 ℃, inorganic filler PA can improve its thermal deformation temperature.

Applications: industrial production of generic used in the manufacture of bearing, gear, CAM, bevel gear, all kinds of roller, roller, pump impeller, fan blades, worm gear, screw, screw, nut, washer, high pressure sealing ring sealing gasket, oil resistant, oil resistant containers, shells, hose, cable sheath, slider shearing machine pulley set, the shaper, cold, electromagnetic assigned seat, Chen equipment, liner, bearing cage, automobile and tractor on various pipeline, piston, ropes, drive belt, textile machinery industry equipment zero fog, and daily necessities, packaging film, etc